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A press release is an excellent way to get media attention and inform the public about your company. A great press release may lead to pieces in the media, increased client attention, and increased sales.

Because press releases have been updated to remain up with the internet, they often improve search engine optimization because they are viewable online. In various ways, a well-written, relevant press release may have a long-term beneficial impact on your organization.

For decades, press releases have been amongst the simplest methods to be noticed by the media. Even in today’s era of social media and content creation, this is still the easiest method of increasing the exposure of small business owners or new businesses via public relations.

Yet, it is essential to correctly draft and distribute press releases for better industry recognition. A terrible release might hurt your company as well, and your press release would be overlooked if it is poorly thought out or presented. In the worst-case scenario, it might make your company’s reputation seem inefficient or unprofessional. 

In this blog post, we will cover how to get a well-written press release, what relevant details to include, and other key takeaway details.

What is a press release?

A press release is a textual or recorded formal statement issued by an organization to the media outlets, media contacts, and others. Although action verbs should appear in the headline, the first paragraph must address the questions “what,” “who,” “why,” and “where.” It should also include a quotation and comprehensible words in the press release.

Most press releases are only one or two pages in length. With the press release, the media outlet can publish their own stories based on the information provided by the companies. Keep in mind that news releases are in the public realm. That means your key stakeholders and target audience will read them.

So, consider a press release as a valuable piece of content marketing rather than just bringing your company in news coverage or media coverage.

Tips For Writing A Press Release

1. Pick a press release template

If you begin with a free press release template, press release format, or any press release example, writing a press release will be quicker and simpler. It’ll all take much longer if you stare at a blank paper or a screen.

Also, there are many press release templates available that can quickly guide you on how to write a press release quickly and effectively. Nevertheless, you can rely on professional writers from Expert Content Writers Group to write a well-planned and carefully thought PR. 

2. Include a logo for your business

In the top corner of your news release, place your business logo. This gives readers of your news release a quick overview of your brand. If reporters are acquainted with your logo, having it at the head of your release may prompt them to remember it, increasing the likelihood of coverage. It may also improve the professionalism of your release.

3. Make contact information available

A press release’s mission is to make it simple for journalists to publish or create their own story about your recent announcement. After going through the media release, some of them may have further questions. So, direct them to the appropriate contact at the start of every PR.

If a reporter or publisher has a query, provide information about a senior official’s contact information and email address in your company, who can quickly respond.

4. Write an attention-grabbing headline

The press release headline should pique people’s interest and entice them to read it, and it ought to be intriguing, short, and attention-getting. If you create email marketing campaigns, you must be well aware of the importance of subject lines in email marketing. A highly captivating subject line is what it takes to let the receiver click on the email.

Similarly, the headline in PR is no different. Instead of announcing that your organization did a poll, a release regarding a recent study can begin with a stunning figure. Consumers are bombarded with news stories on their social media platforms. As a result, your headline must entice them to read more.

To optimize search engines, consider writing the headline in an active voice and incorporating keywords.

5. Make the press aware of the importance of the news

Give the public a reason to go through your release if you want it newsworthy. Using the Reverse Pyramid technique while creating your press release is an excellent approach to guarantee this. So, this includes the most vital to the least important information.

The most important part of your PR is the opening line and the first sentence, and this informs news organizations when there is breaking news or an update. The first section of your press release must describe who, what, and where, whereas the second paragraph must explain why. Reporters don’t scroll through minutiae and flowery history; all they need are the facts to let them deliver your stories to the public. 

Bullet points are occasionally used at the beginning of press releases to outline the most important facts. This is done to make it simple for the reporter to understand the narrative and the viewpoint.

6. Include quotes

Once you’ve established the context, it’s essential to build out the facts with a statement that journalists may use to provide context for your release and ultimately build a narrative of how your news impacts the industry and the customer base. The following two to three paragraphs must include quotes from essential stakeholders in your firm, such as your project leaders and executive team.

The relevance of your achievement is highlighted by quoting. The quotation you use should help frame your story and stress the main point of the release.

7. Include boilerplate

Toward the end of your press release, provide basic business information or company description. What your firm does, who established it, and any particular honors or accomplishments you’d want to emphasize can find a place in this section. Reporters need to have easy access to this information while writing their articles.

8. Include End Notation

A short row of hash marks on the word document indicates the end of your press release. In the End Notation, it contains the following: ###. It sends out a message to the reader that the document has ended, meaning that there will be no more copies (or pages). This implies no missing of the final page; the reader understands the publication has ended.

9. Double-check your spelling and grammar

Be sure you do thorough proofreading. Typos, incorrect spellings, and improperly structured text do not speak well for a first impression. Abbreviations and industrial jargon in excess may sometimes be a problem.

How to write a press release for a new businessSome Essential Tips To Consider For An Effective Press Release

  • Your press release must be between one to two pages. Further, ensure that they must adhere to the free press release templates available. When creating a press release, make it straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Avoid becoming too artistic or free-form with the format. Always follow a standard template or press release examples. Reporters and editors and bloggers, and influencers are accustomed to logically organized material that allows them to skim. While creativity is typically a positive trait, take care not to confuse those you are attempting to inform.
  • You may include or link additional details. However, it isn’t necessary. Compile other multimedia, like product screenshots and pictures, if the journalists need them. You may instantly send them upon request.
  •  In addition, some PR professionals or news outlets may include links in the press release to a website or cloud folder containing photographs or explanation videos, although this isn’t always necessary. 

A Quick Overview Of A Standard Press Release Format

  • At the top, provide contact details and “For Immediate Release.”
  • Title and subtitle in italics to summarize the news.
  • The first sentence of a news article must include the news location and significance of the news story.
  • Two to three sentences to provide context and more information.
  • Present facts or figures in a list format.
  • Description of the company at the bottom.
  • Three hash signs (###) show the conclusion of the release.

Types Of Press Releases

1. Product Launch

A product launch press release helps spread the news about the new products or services your company is delivering to customers. It should emphasize the product’s specifications, price, availability, and other pertinent details.

2. Acquisition and Mergers

Organizational change is significant enough to justify a public statement, particularly for notifying present and prospective stakeholders of a company’s development and direction. To declare an acquisition or merger, it is necessary to provide information regarding the organizations involved and quotations from the leadership teams.

3. Product changes

Similar to launching a new product, new business, product upgrades, and additions are also suitable for advertising. Explain the nature of the modification, the reason behind the implementation, and how it will benefit the user.

4. Events

Press releases are an essential element of event promotion to gain coverage from news publications and other media outlets.

You need to include:

  • Whatever the event is about
  • Who would like to attend?
  • Where and when would it occur?
  • Pricing

5. Grand Openings

Whether you established a new office for your small business, moved, or are operating for the first time, you should issue a press release announcing the specifics.

Announce the date and place of the official opening, the participants, how it will be commemorated, and the reason for the relocation (if applicable).

6. New Partnerships

To properly execute this sort of release, including a synopsis of each organization, the reason for the collaboration, the parties who would benefit, and any other additional context for existing and prospective stakeholders.

7. Rebranding

Rebranding is a complicated task for any organization, and it may often lead to misunderstanding and embarrassment. A press release announcing the rebranding with specifics on what is happening, the purpose for the modification, the effective dates of the change, and quotations from the leadership team is one approach to making a smooth transition.

8. Executive Promotions

The purpose of such releases is to introduce the position of executives as corporate representatives. This could include personal information to show their authenticity and a photograph, and other essential information.

9. Awards

It is acceptable to boast about corporate success. Awards and accomplishments-related official statements assist in establishing your company as an expert in its field.

Why Send Press Releases?

Press releases may assist businesses in a variety of ways. Outlining your objectives ahead might assist you in selecting the relevant press statement type. If you want to increase brand awareness or perform damage control, consider the following objectives.

1. Grab Attention

New organizations may publish new goods, updates, and announcements if they know them. Distributing your news to relevant media outlets or posting it via a press release distribution service provides those who wish to cover it with simple access. Your brand receives more exposure within your target demographic wherever they spread your news with their audiences.

2. Establish relationships

Even if few people remember your real news, an informative and strategized press release may increase brand recognition. The more often your organization is highlighted in the media, the greater the likelihood that people will be familiar with your products.

3. Optimize Search Engine Rankings

A strong PR strategy may also assist with SEO and content marketing. Your official statements may feature on press release news sites, with targeted keywords and backlinks to your website. And if you’re featured in authoritative media sources, you can develop even more high-quality backlinks.

4. Control Your Image

The reputation of your organization helps to strengthen the relationship with clients. If you have a problem, such as data leakage or a social media mishap, a press statement may be helpful for damage management. If you are creating a press release, for this reason, be modest and apologetic. Additionally, you should state what you are doing to improve.

How to Publish a Press Release?

It is time to distribute your press release to the public once complete. Similar to the creative process, there are correct and incorrect methods. Do not send a bulk email to all of the press contacts you can discover. Yet, you have several better alternatives!

Several press release distribution services can send your release to hundreds of media outlets for a charge. You could also submit press releases to individual and relevant journalists, identify a handful who cover topics comparable to the subject matter of your release and establish connections with them. 

Do not concentrate just on huge media channels. Small news outlets and websites will be more responsive to publishing an article, mainly if your firm is based in their region. You will still get media attention, and smaller publications often republish news.

Journalists and editors appreciate a Microsoft word file since it is simple to copy/paste executive quotations, trade names, and other pertinent information.

The majority of media outlets currently accept PDF or .doc/.docx files. Alternatively, a link to the digital channels of the press release is also appropriate.

So, are you ready to write and distribute your new business press release? Keep in mind that Expert Content Writers Group can assist you with it.

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