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Join us to explore the World of Content Writing!

Want to make a career in content writing? At Expert Content Writers Group, our hunt will never end. We are constantly seeking authors with expertise in article writing, blog writing, webpage writing, guest blogging, press releases and news & reviews. Opportunities solely depend on availability of orders and service demand.

Why should you work with us?

Expert Content Writers Group, just like its name, is a pool of talented and experienced writers who have great passion for content writing and want to make a great career. We guarantee a friendly work environment but conditions apply! Our policy to deliver ‘only the best’ is challenging, but it helps you apply your expertise and nurture your skills as you receive wholesome rewards.

Currently, our work specialization is limited to writing articles, blogs, webpages, press releases, guest blogs and news writing, although these categories could be increased overtime to cover future demands and requirements.

What we do?

We operate mainly through cooperation and constant engagement with clients at all stages of writing endeavors. The first stage involves getting orders with clear instructions and requirements from the clients. In the second stage, we formulate a work schedule that fits to the specified deadline and finally work on the project accordingly. We strive to keep the client updated on the writing progress of their respective assignments and if necessary send them samples. If the customer requires revision or changes on the submitted work, we work on them according to the comments and the given deadline.

All this is done to maintain a reputable customer relation base, putting clients’ interests, needs and expectations at the forefront.

What it takes?

We seek qualified writers, preferably those with some experience in our specific writing fields. The writer should be proficient in writing excellent English grammar and have sufficient knowledge of MS Word and other Microsoft Office applications. Those with degrees, diplomas, certifications or other qualifications aligned to our services will have an added advantage.

Other important virtues we prioritize include efficient written and oral communication skills, commitment and determination, professional and personal integrity, reliability and availability.


Working with us is a great learning opportunity where you get to advance your professionalism, expertise and sharpen your writing skills. Above all, we offer other substantial benefits and competitive compensation within the agreed timelines.

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If you possess the above credentials and aspire to become a part of our writers’ family, send us your resume at We bet, you will have a promising career working with us!

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