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Google Core Update- Why websites must opt for Content Writing Services

On May 4, 2020, Google rolled out a major update to its algorithm.

Wonder why is it named as a ‘Core update?’ Well, they call it core as this change in the algorithm has significantly impacted a lot of websites globally.

The major changes made to the algorithm are not confined to a particular area of interest. On the contrary, they deal with several factors concerning the content on the sites. Since the update, the majority of the sites witnessed wild shifts in their rankings.

This volatility has shaken the entire world wide web and suddenly drawn everyone’s attention to the content on the website. Website owners are understanding the importance of content and how hiring professional content writing services can give their websites the boost they have been looking for!

Websites now need to quickly recover and restore their positions in order to retain engagement. The only thing that can help you ride this wave is the content that perfectly aligns itself with the Google’s May 2020 Core Update.


What does the Google Core Update of May 2020 state?

It is not by chance that the recent update rolled out by Google is termed as ‘Broad Core Update.’ Observations show that a huge number of websites have observed a massive dip in their rankings. Since the update, the rankings have undergone a drastic change that has had a huge impact on website traffic.

A lot of website owners have to put plans in action to ensure a quick recovery of their websites. Factors like the quality of content, SEO errors, the relevance of the content, and authenticity have been put under inspection by Google.

The websites with regularly updated quality content and relevant themes have managed to not be affected by this turbulence. While the websites with thin content, outdated links, duplicate data, and copied tags have suffered major burnt.

To be able to ride this sudden wave, website owners now need to take serious steps to improve their content quality. You’ll need to make sure that your efforts are consistent as Google evaluates the sites over an extended period and not on ‘as on’ basis. To overcome this, using content writing services for websites would be an excellent option.


How to use content writing services to amplify the engagement in 2020

Staying up to date with the updates and making the required changes is very important at the moment. Website owners should know all the required changes governing the website traffic after this update.

Professional content writing services can be your best help in implementing these changes and improving engagement. Read on to follow and stay ahead in the game.


1.    Multiple factors in focus

The content that goes on a site is subject to multiple factors. To name a few are relevance, readability, user experience, quality, advertising, and so on. Professional content writing aligns with the recent updates and passes all these criteria. And it’s worth it!

The algorithms take into account the impact of these factors for a long period. The quality and relevance of the content determine if the website will witness a positive or negative impact.

Content writing services for websites can offer you the content that meets all the requirements. This way, you’ll get a grip on your website’s ranking and get the desired traffic.


2. The relevance of the content

The content on the website might lose its relevance over the period. A lot of websites fail to update their content and keep displaying old data. The presence of worn-out statistics, broken links, and other such details lower the usability of the content. Thus, to be able to sail through the algorithm update, attention to detail is very important.

Updating the infographics and providing content that applies to a wider audience can help in the process. Fixing dead URLs, using simpler language, and providing useful data can help generate more traffic.

Call us if you are looking for experts to help you out with content writing services in Delhi. We can provide you the content that keeps your audience hooked to your website.


3. Frequent updates

Websites that refresh their content regularly can result in significant traffic growth. The recent update focuses on just that!

Websites whose rankings saw the least impact made frequent updates to their content. This again, is linked to the relevance of the content that the website contains. When the website content contains dates, years, or time frames, it is more likely to become outdated sooner.

Making regular updates can aid in maintaining the usability and reliability of the data. Therefore, website owners need professional content writing services. Professional content writers use smarter ways to ensure the content incorporates timely updates and doesn’t become redundant easily.


4. SEO errors

For a website to generate a good amount of traffic, SEO errors are a big No-No. Here are the few mistakes to avoid when you are managing the content for your website!

With the core update coming into force, the websites that suffered are found to contain a lot of SEO errors. The algorithms can easily target titles, content, and meta descriptions that are closely similar to other websites.

Website content writing services have the necessary expertise to make suitable checks for the authenticity of the content. Thus, their expertise can help avoid the negative impact of the new algorithm updates.

Experts are experts for a reason.

Expert content writers use unique meta tags, title tags, and descriptions to obtain the right content. Choose them for an error-free content, thereby enhancing the quality of your site!


5. Word count

Thin content is another common issue that pulls down the rankings of the websites. Almost every website has at least one page with thin content. This is an important factor in determining the quality of the content. Google’s Core Update has taken this into account. As a result, every indexed page is inspected, evaluated, and ranked accordingly.

Thin content doesn’t contain an adequate amount of information for the user. Thus, its usability, ranking, and traffic will drop automatically. This is where website owners can make use of content writing services to obtain quality content and retain engagement.


6. Quality indexation and structure

Another important factor to amplify the engagement on your website is the quality of the content. Your website should contain content that adds value to the reader. The websites that suddenly witnessed a steep drop in their rankings lacked quality indexation and structure.

To avoid getting rooted out, it is important that thin-content, fillers, and poorly structured content are not a part of your website. Using content writing services for websites can assure you content that meets quality standards.


7. The first impression

Creating engagement on a website starts with the impression the users get from their google search. Meta-description, title, and tags that properly align with their search, result in high organic traffic. Also, the content that creates a good first impact, results into engagement. This parameter determines the usability and relevance of your website’s content.

Since the update, the websites with duplicate meta-tags and titles have suffered in the ranking. Use professional content writing services to create a good first impression on your audience!


8. Extended analysis

The changes that a website makes to align with the new updates will not display quick results. Google’s Core Update analyzes the content of the website for an extended time. Thus, it is important that the efforts are constant and not a one-time exercise. Only then will you have the effective and stable results.

Using content writing services in Delhi can help you regulate and update the content as per the requirement. You can use their services to manage and overcome the swing in the rankings.


Why Professional Content Writing Services are your best bet?

To sum up, Google’s May 2020 Core Update has rightly displayed how professional content writing services can help website owners overcome new challenges. The content will now be analyzed on various parameters. Making use of professional website content writing services is a reliable way to ensure that the website recovers quickly.

Hire the experts to reduce the amount of negative impact the update can potentially cause. Get all your content issues addressed and reach the desired goal by opting for effective content writing services today!

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