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Content Writing in India:  Opportunities & Challenges

Digitization has been a boon to the content writing industry. The cyber world has transformed the face of content writing, but the situation has not been that great when it comes to a country like India. The condition of content industry in India is much sub-standard than its international counterparts. The majority of the employers in this genre are from economically developed countries, and naturally, the trends are in their favor. Since it’s now possible to connect to the people globally, outsourcing has become a household name.

Eastern countries are outsourcing a lot of their work to the developing or under-developed countries. The mixture of appropriate languages and quality of work at an affordable cost is what makes India top in their list of favorites to outsource.Though India is experiencing growth in this industry, yet it has a long way to go.

Let us have a look at the challenges faced by India in the field of Content Writing:


Content Writing Challenges in India

  • Less Pay: The payouts in the field of Content Writing in India are generally not as lucrative as other career options. People who come into this industry either have a passion for writing or the content writing just happened to them. In case they enter, low pay compels them to leave this industry very soon.
  • Societal Acceptance: Due to the low-income option, parents and society discourage young talent to come in this field. And even if they opt this field out of passion, monotony doesn’t let them continue for long. Thus, it ceases the chances of growth of the content industry.
  • No Career Growth: There’s no apparent growth scale for a writer’s career. You join as a writer, and the next level is to become an editor, full stop. There’s no vertical growth or horizontal expansion in India for content writers. The problem occurs due to the lack of academic and professional correlation in India.
  • Sources of Information: Content writing is a profound accountability, and thus the writers need to make a lot of efforts in research. Companies in developed countries have central resources to get correct facts for research, and thus it makes it an easy job for writers there. In India, companies desire everything right from scratch from the writers only, which at times, makes them run out of interest in this field.
  • High Attrition, Low Quality: As the majority of the online work is done through freelance clients connected globally through the internet, the attrition rate is very high. You may even encounter many hoax clients and might not earn even a single penny for your hard work. Professionally educated people generally don’t prefer to join content writing industry. Therefore, it’s rare to find a high-quality writer in this field in India.

Suggestions to Overcome the Content Writing Challenges

The following tips can make a difference to the modern face of content writing in India.

  • Industry-Academia relationship: The demand and supply problem can come to equilibrium if industry and academia closely interact with each other. The generation of quality writers will increase, and thus, the compensation and the social respect will also grow for content writers.
  • Clarity of Growth Pattern: Organizations should bring out a growth plan for content writers. This will lead to an increase in the desirability of content writing profession, ultimately leading the business to the path of growth and prosperity.
  • Societal Awareness and Acceptance: The society should understand that if writing is a passion for someone, they should not discard the one pursuing it. Parents should encourage their children if they want to go into this profession passionately. Content writing is still emerging in India, but it has great potential if right people come into it.

Content writing opportunities in India

Although the content writing challenges show a significant threat to Indian content industry, there’s a multitude of opportunities too. Let’s have a cautious look at some of the opportunities in this genre:

  • Diversification in Work: Indian cyber space is growing fast to match up with international counterparts, and thus openings for content writers are also increasing at an alarming rate. More and more companies are looking to establish their business online, leaving a vast room for creativity. The content writers can take the variety of work as an opportunity to learn, grow and deliver.
  • MNC Overrun: In India, MNCs are spreading like wildfire, and they’re always modifying their appeal for new markets. Content is the most important part of this refinement. It can be in the form of re-writing advertisements, brochure content and even digital marketing. The more click bait your content is, the more are the chances to succeed.
  • A Wider Range of Writers with Different Potentials: As most of the content writing is done through freelancing, there’s a broader range of writers available in the industry. Content writing companies can look forward to the schools, colleges, and the potential public to find writers with varied expertise. For instance, creative writers, experienced and passionate retirees, or even educated stay-at-home moms. It’s a great way to make writing a rewarding and recognized phenomenon in India.
  • Freelancing Portals and Secure Payments: Online freelancing portals are increasing day by day, and thus, the opportunities for writers are increasing. These portals provide a platform where both the clients and freelancers can meet each other. Moreover, it’s safe and easy to get payments from clients through freelancing portals. A freelance porting system is majorly dependent on the ratings,both for the employer as well as a freelancer. If you can manage a good rating on your profile, you have good chances of survival. The quality of work and willingness to pay for that work are the pre-requisites to remain on a good freelance portal.
  • Digitization in India: With the emergence of digitization, more people are coming forward with the courage to open online businesses. With no investment required for physical offices and other expenses such as furniture, electricity, and water, etc., people are taking online businesses as a good option. They are exploring with various new ideas and opening their start-ups online. Along with these online ventures, there lies a great opportunity for content writers in India to rise.

Content writing is for passionate people, and it’s a global fact. It surely is going through the teething phase in India, but a little appreciation and encouragement on the social front, along with the professional recognition and acceptance, may bring exceptional growth to the content industry in India.

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